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Apollo Tyres: The world’s most advanced tire plant to start production in Hungary

Apollo Tyres: The world’s most advanced tire plant to start production in Hungary

Gyöngyöshalász, April 7 (MTI) – Hungary continues to work to become the driving force behind industrial production in central Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the opening ceremony of a new Apollo Tyres plant at Gyöngyöshalász, in northern Hungary, on Friday.

In his address, Orbán said that the Indian company was “one of the cylinders of that engine”, and he called the new plant among the world’s “most modern and high-level”.

Orbán noted that the new plant was the first greenfield development by Apollo Tyres outside India, adding that the company’s decision reflected their “trust in Hungary’s future”. He voiced hope that Hungary could create similarly close cooperation with other foreign partners in coming years.

“We have always wanted to see here companies that do not merely consider Hungary as a market; ones that do not only build an assembly plant but have a real productive project which promotes the skills of Hungary’s labour force, too,” Orbán said.



The prime minister noted that the Hungarian government has contributed 16 billion forints to the project’s total budget of 147 billion forints (EUR 475m).

“It is important that you are not only interested in the success of your own business but in Hungary and its national economy,” Orbán said.

On another subject, Orbán stressed the importance of his government’s strategy of opening to the east, saying that “whatever is to the east of us is becoming more and more dominant in the global economy, India being the best example.”

The new plant, built on 72 hectares, plans to produce an annual 5.5 million car tyres and 675,000 tyres for buses and trucks.

Photo: MTI, Apollo Tyres

Source: MTI

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