budapest chain bridge revamp
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The reconstruction work of the Chain Bridge is going to begin next Wednesday. Budapest’s iconic bridge is planned to be reopened to road traffic in December 2022 and to pedestrians in 2023. 

The renovation of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge has been planned for a long time. This week, the reconstruction preparations reached their final stage,

thanks to which the project can start on Wednesday, 16 June, announced the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) this week.

As BKK reports, another significant preparatory work began on the Chain Bridge and its surroundings earlier this week. The contractor, A-Híd Zrt., will use a tower crane on the Pest and Buda sides that will move the raw materials and bridge elements to the site during the renovation. On the Pest side, the tower crane with a load capacity of 12 tonnes was erected at the beginning of this week. The crane, with a height of 29.75 metres, has been fixed with central iron concrete weights of 100 tonnes, needed for the ground to withstand the load of the tower crane.

As we previously reported, Budapest’s landmark will keep its main characteristics; however, due to the rusty elements of the bridge, almost everything will be replaced. As the first step of the renovation project, the contractor, A-Híd Zrt., took over the entire work area in April and closed the pedestrian underpass on the Pest side but has left the Buda side open until mid-June. In May, the decontamination of metal and ammunition of the Danube began, technicians started to rebuild the Clark Ádám Square, they started to work on the fixing of the tower crane set up on the Pest side, and the suspended scaffolding of the Chain Bridge was also completed.

By the end of the preparations, the contractor will completely close the Chain Bridge on 16th June, next Wednesday. Until then, road traffic, including buses 16 and 105, as well as night buses 916 and 990, will run smoothly on it. Passengers can travel free of charge between the Clark Ádám Square and the Széchenyi István Square, in both directions.

The Chain Bridge is planned to be reopened to road traffic in December 2022; however, pedestrian sidewalks will remain work areas until the works are fully completed, scheduled for 2023.

The renovation of the Chain Bridge will bring a change in the lives of those travelling in the capital; therefore, BKK is constantly providing information on the details of the traffic closure and renovation.

The reconstruction of the Chain Bridge is not the only renovation project beginning this summer. As we reported previously this week, the Nyugati Railway Station will be fully closed for revamping and modernisation from 19th June until 18th July. The renewed train station will offer upgraded services, providing more comfortable travel for passengers.

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  1. good timing ,just as it opens up ..??
    no chance they could have done it when town was closed .

  2. Phoenix Rising – the emergence – AGAIN – from a catastrophe, stronger smarter and more Powerful – in Beauty, Need and Purpose.
    The love Hungarians have of our Chain Bridge – it’s history, meaning and symbol to us, revered globally like is the Statue of Liberty – the “face lift” will be Glorious.
    May all who work on this project – above and below the Danube – please stay Safe.

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