According to, this video has started to spread on the Internet only a few days ago, but it was actually made last year by the Hungarian video team called Photo from above. Hungary debuted with the video on the St Petersburg Christmas Fair’s main stage last December, and now for some reason, it appeared again on Facebook. That is quite understandable, since if someone watches the film, one will see immediately confirmed why Budapest has been on the list of the world’s most beautiful cities every year.

In the short film called Budapest, the city of lights, some of the capital’s attractions can be seen from a bird’s eye view, where the city presents a very different face of itself thanks to the floodlights and the nocturnal lights. Only a few of them, since the film was made from their own money, and they only had so much. The recordings were made with the remote multicopter technology, which has the advantage of being able to take off even in a narrow field, navigate between buildings and levitate at a standstill, however also has its disadvantage: its price. Still, the video sequence in coordination with the music is still sufficiently impressive.

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Photo: Budapest – a city of light Yotube video
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