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Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony on Saturday announced his bid to become the prime minister candidate for Hungary’s six opposition parties which are trying to forge an alliance to take on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in national elections next year.

Earlier this week, the Hungarian opposition said it would hold the country’s first ever primary elections this year to pick joint candidates to contest the 2022 ballot, a move that could threaten

Orbán’s more than decade-long grip on power.

Hardline nationalist Orbán and his Fidesz party have scored three successive landslides since 2010 largely due to an election system that favours large parties as, until now, the opposition has been fragmented and unable to cooperate.

“Full of faith and hope, accepting the backing of the parties supporting me … I can declare that I will run for prime minister candidate in the opposition primaries,” Karácsony said in a video on Facebook.

“I have made this decision as I feel that my country is in grave danger,”

he said. “We feel less and less that Hungary is one and indivisible,” the 45-year-old Karácsony said, adding that he would aim to reunite the country.

Karácsony, as the candidate of a small green liberal party,

unseated the Fidesz incumbent in municipal elections in 2019.

He has said that the opposition cooperation in those elections could serve as a blueprint to unseat Orban.

A survey by the pollster Medián published earlier this week put support for Orbán’s ruling Fidesz party at 40% of all voters, while the joint opposition party list was backed by 36% of the electorate.

Source: Reuters

  1. No Thanks, we don’t want your Marxist Globalist NWO…. Hungary tried that before and frankly they got rid of it because it sucked. Why try it again?

  2. Mr Mario, why are you using “we”. You don’t represent anyone but yourself….so please don’t speak in the name of everyone. Use “I” and not “we”.

  3. Needless to say, Comrade Commissar Karácsony made his comments in HUNGARIAN as he cannot converse in English.

    “DAILY NEWS HUNGARY” should point this fact out to its English readers, just in case they believe that the fellow has (miraculously) become bilingual.

  4. “Not Mario” is quite correct in his use of the plural ‘we’.

    The majority of Hungarians do NOT want a return to any form of socialist / communist rule, a fact which is shown by recent opinion polls and will undoubtedly be confirmed at next year’s elections.

    What will Comrade Commissar Karácsony do at that time – leave the Hungarian Parliament yet again ?

    The commentator “Anonymous” – who obviously suffers from such severe dementia that he cannot even remember his own name – certainly does not speak for anyone except for deluded fools like himself.

    One must feel pity for such idiots …..

  5. Anonymous, Mario or whomever you really are, the posting time stamp of the 2nd-4th post gives it away that you are one and the same person. If you really like Marxism and wanna get in on the ground floor Papa Joe Biden and his Marxist team over in America could use you over there, frankly Hungary is better off without Marxism and Mario and his dream of a return to the tyranny of the past.

  6. Unbelievable that Gergely Karacsony requires to frequently a translator assisting him with English.
    Life in a academic environment that he in the past held, his junior and senior school education, then onto University, and to think that his English is rated at a “kind” mark of 4 out of 10 is not acceptable.
    If he was to succeed and “roll” our present Prime Minister this incompetency of English would be an embarrassment to Hungary in this daily ever changing world we live.
    This should serve as an example, a high profile individual looking at elevation of his Political status in Hungary, that the standard of education in English, commencement at junior school is quite abominable – diabolical.
    Hungarians – across all sections of society – suffer badly from a self belief that they have a level of English comprehension BUT this is not the case.
    READ – READ – READ just as Prime Minister – Victor Orban correctly in the past (10) ten days “sprouted” Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate – to develope, enlarge and understand correct usage of English – read it – in what ever form you decide.

  7. People of Hungary should take a moment to reflect what happens to countries with liberal governments.
    In 100 days, Biden and his democrat majority ruined a successful economy of the US. The US has lost self sufficiently in oil and gas production, hundreds of good paying jobs were cancelled and now there are long line and gas shortage. Irresponsible handling of the budget increased inflation by 4% points. There is a total loss of control of the border, where thousands of illegal aliens, underaged minors, criminals and terrorists cross at their leisure. The education content lowered to allow anyone to pass without learning to read and wright in the name of equity. Previous administrations tried to achieve equality, that went out the door and now the government doles out money on the basis of skin color. The biggest sin of the Biden administration and democrats is tribalization, this results in cities being burnt and looted and people polarized.

    Liberals do not believe in nationalism and putting the welfare of its people first. The liberal government of Hungary would cede governing to Brussels, flood the country with people who will not assimilate, create no go zones and levy taxes on the working people to support the illegals.

    The Hungarian people should just thank Mr. Orban and the FIDESZ government for the increased standard of living, support of families and pro Hungarian legislation.

  8. I smell fear !!! Fidesz fear.
    Its very clear the smear campaign started by Fidesz against this opponent, but what is interesting is the fact that until now no one from fidesz including their puppets commenting on the political articles on this site could not bring any real evidence to back their disapproval. Calling someone a Marxist-Communist needs to be followed by actual proof, not just yelling the same nonsense over and over.
    I am not favoring any side, voting decisions based on facts that is the democratic way.
    But at the end, people will have opinions of their own, see the truth as it is and not influenced by political voices.
    Lets hope this government wont turn Hungary into a Russia or China, i like believe is not, but facts proves otherwise. Follow the money, find the truth

  9. Mr. Christmas is absolutely a Marxist/Communist based on his own statements and actions. Must not let him near power or Hungary will go the way of Bidens’s America. ( See Maria Von Theresa’s comment which is spot on) Please learn from it and do not repeat those mistakes. He already indicated that his policies would be the opposite that of the current government.

  10. And what would have happened in Trump had remained in charge. The man’s a narcissist. Also if people had reacted on his advice in ingesting bleach to combat the ‘China Virus’, what would have happened then. Warnings had to be put out on Dettol not to do it! He denied climate change as something invented by the Chinese, and said Covid would ‘just go away by Easter’. Yes, what a great president he was. The reason Biden won wasn’t necessarily because people wanted him as president, it was to get Trump out. As Robert DeNiro said, “the man’s a monster and he’s so stupid that he doesn’t even know he’s a monster”.

    Fidesz has to be more transparent, stop the cronyism, nepotism. Can’t deny they’ve done well with the vaccines, but the death rate is also too high for the size of population. We’re fed the propaganda, they saw everything they wanted to see on the Sinopharm vaccine production. No, China showed you what THEY wanted you to see. Even though Sinopharm has been approved by the WHO, it’s still not enough for some. WHO reputation still isn’t that good, too slow in declaring a pandemic and they admitted they weren’t happy in the way their OWN research in Wuhan was conducted. If Gergely Karácsony doesn’t speak English, it’s not the end of the world. It’s how a person conducts themselves. Not every world leader speaks English.

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