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European Union member states have reached an agreement over the budget and coronavirus rescue package with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán achieving what he set out to achieve, news portal Origo said on Monday evening.

Hungary got 3 billion euros more than planned, and

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to close the Article 7 procedure against Hungary

during the German EU presidency, which concludes at the end of 2020, the website said.

“Hungary could not be blackmailed: the money granted to it was not tied to political conditions … and its use will only be subject to financial control,” Origo said.

Orbán did not manage to prevent NGOs from gaining access to EU budget funds, but Hungary will continue to fight for this goal, it said.

“Overall, the Brussels summit … was a unambiguous success for Hungary,” the website said. “Orbán achieved what he wanted: Hungary will receive 3 billion euros more than planned, and Angela Merkel promised that by the end of the year the Article 7 procedure will be dropped,” Origo said.

Source: MTI/Origo

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  1. A new mechanism was introduced to effectively tie funds to the rule of the law. How come you are not reporting that? It’s in all the Western media. So no, Orban did not get what he wanted in entirety, he just delayed the inevitable censure.

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