Budapest, January 21 (MTI) – The extraordinary session of Budapest’s municipal assembly on public transport funding convened for Thursday morning had to be cancelled as it failed to raise the required quorum of over 50 percent.

A total of 10 representatives, Mayor Istvan Tarlós and nine opposition councillors showed up for the meeting.

Several opposition councillors gave press briefings before the meeting was scheduled to start.

Socialist councillor Csaba Horváth said his party would have recommended passing legislation that mandates the government to guarantee a minimum funding level for the capital. He said his party proposes spending 50 percent of local business tax revenue from Budapest residents, around 100 billion forints (EUR 317.6m), on funding the capital, which he said would increase Budapest’s revenues by around 60 billion forints.

Marcell Tokody of the Jobbik party said it was unacceptable that the dispute over public transport has led to less frequent services, higher ticket prices and job losses in the sector. Jobbik demands that the mayor’s office reveal its plans regarding the city’s public transport services, he said.

Erzsébet Gy Németh of the Democratic Coalition (DK) said her party does not understand why the government is not willing to give the money it apparently has for operating agglomeration transport services directly to the capital.

LMP councillor Antal Csárdi said the Fidesz councillors who had failed to show up at Thursday’s meeting “have endorsed the government’s anti-Budapest policies”. He suggested that the capital should take legal action over the funds that the government owes Budapest.

Photo: MTI


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