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Budapest, 2018. augusztus 29. A Fõvárosi Közgyûlés rendkívüli ülése a Városháza dísztermében 2018. augusztus 29-én. A közgyûlés döntött arról, hogy a csillaghegyi öblözet árvízvédelmi fejlesztésének részeként a pünkösdfürdõi védmû megvalósítására további 1 milliárd forintot biztosít többletfedezetként. MTI Fotó: Kovács Attila

The municipal assembly of Budapest today decided to contribute another one billion forints (EUR 3m) to flood protection works in the city’s northern District 3.

The council decided to increase the budget for the complex project after changes in the plans necessitated by further inspection of the project sites.

In the debate over the proposal, Socialist deputy Csaba Horváth called it “strange” that the deficiencies had not been detected earlier, and suggested that the designs had not been made with due professional care.

Márta V. Naszály of the opposition Párbeszéd party said

it was “not just an error” in the designs but “a level of chaotic preparations aimed at wasting public funds”.

Budapest Mayor István Tarlós said that the assembly sought to “provide maximum funding so as not to pass further decisions again and again” and added that “the larger part of the [HUF 1 bn] sum would be saved”.

Meanwhile civil activists held up signs in the assembly hall demanding that local residents should be consulted over the contested project.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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