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Ethical hackers will convene in Budapest for the 14th time at the IT security festival for central and eastern Europe dubbed Hacktivity this weekend.

The largest IT security event in Hungary will take place at the MoM Cultural Centre on October 20-21.


Nearly a thousand participants have registered for the event from 25 countries.

The programme features nearly 30 presentations and 10 workshops.

More than 30 international IT security experts from 13 countries will give presentations on current information technology (IT) security issues, such as drone hacking.

HackCenter: new program at Hacktivity2017!

As you might already know, this year there will be 3 tracks of presentations at Hacktivity, and on the second day of the conference Security Dome is going to transform into a so called HackCenter. This is a shiny new program in the history of Hacktivity, so let us give you some more details about it.

HackCenter is going to be the heaven for hackers who want to solve some exciting challenges, share their thoughts with each other, looking for a solution to a specified problem, or just have questions on a certain topic.

The team of HackerSpace Budapest and HackerSpace Szeged will be on site to contribute to the work and to provide some gripping challenges at HackCenter.

There will also be some exciting lockpicking tasks by Lockporn so the participants can have a deeper look at the art of non-destructive lock opening.

If you are more into hardware-hacking, HackCenter will give you a new experience. There will be some hardware-hacking masterminds so if you have a question, you’ll probably get the answer for it.

HackCenter will also provide an opportunity for 5-10 minutes pop-up talks where hackers can present their ideas or try their presentation skills. Do you have a topic or an idea that’s not fully developed? Bring it in and we’ll help you work it out! Maybe you can finalize and present it at the next BSidesBUD conference in March 2018.

Do you have a project that needs contributors? HackCenter is your place to get some help! Read more information HERE!


Source: MTI/Hacktivity

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