Palatinus Budapest baths

Festivities will accompany the 100th anniversary of Palatinus, Budapest’s first open-air bath’s birth: you can join the fun on the 15th of June, on Margaret Island.

As reports, the 15th of June marks the 100th anniversary of Palatinus’ opening to the public: a world’s first feat as an open-air bath. It all began with three pools and a special court reserved for water sports on the Danube. The main pool, called the “grand pool” boasted a surface of 5000 square metres: the largest in all of Europe. 

The first restoration in 1937 saw two main additions: the cloakroom and the crowd-favourite “wave pool”, which is decorated by Endre Bálint’s surreal mosaics.

If you decide to hop in on the 15th, you will encounter countless activities and programmes. Water-fights, face painting, treasure hunt: you name it! A deliberately family-friendly event, the birthday party will include acrobatic and dance shows in and out of the water. 

There are no additional fees required for the party: a single ticket will suffice. 

Palatinus is just one of Budapest’s world-famous baths: you can find more information about them here and here.


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