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After the notorious Népliget murder, another bizarre case was addressed in court recently: a woman who put her newborn child into a garbage bag until she suffocated and was hiding the infant’s corpse for more than a year was sentenced for eight and a half years in prison, according to Magyar Nemzet Online. However, it is not the final judgment.

She was accused with the crime of murdering a person under 14 years.

The prosecutor requested the pre-trial detention of the accused, as well as the termination of her custody over her other two children, but these requests were denied. She is currently under house arrest, and she still takes care of her children.

She has been living with her partner, their child and the man’s relatives in Érd for nine years before the crime. Their relationship derailed around 2015 when the man began to date other women. According to the reports, these issues were solved by the end of the year. The accused noticed her pregnancy early in that year. She tried to keep it secret even from her family.

She has become overweight, but her family justified this phenomenon with her thyroid disease. She gave birth to her daughter at the end of 2015 in front of her housing among the bushes.

The child was born alive and well. Then the accused put baby wipe into the mouth of the crying infant until she died of suffocation.

Then she strapped the newborn’s legs with tape and put her into 20 layers of garbage back, sealing each layer with tape. When she was done, she put this “package” into a canvas bag.

She put the bag into a cupboard for a while; then she stored it in an unused dog house in the yard of her house. The corpse was finally found by the mother of the accused’s partner. The man unpacked the bizarre “package” in January 2017 and alerted the police.

After she was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison, the prosecutor applied for aggravation, while the legal representative of the accused did the same for alleviation. According to the current status of the case, she can be released conditionally after serving two-thirds of the sentence.

Source: Magyar Nemzet Online

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