Fazekas Sándor földmûvelésügyi miniszter (b) éves meghallgatásán az Országgyûlés fenntartható fejlõdés bizottságának ülésén az Országgyûlés Irodaházában 2016. november 3-án. Jobbról Rácz András környezetügyért felelõs helyettes államtitkár. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas held talks on the development of scientific cooperation, the transfer of agricultural practices and the results of Hungarian settlement development with the Vice Governor of China’s Henan Province, Mr. Wang Tie in Budapest.

Mr. Fazekas, who has met with leaders of China’s most populated province on previous occasions, said relations with Chinese were promising with relation to several fields of agriculture. The Chinese delegation included experts from Henan province, which has a population of some 100 million, who are active within the fields of animal husbandry, milk production and other areas of the food industry, and who

have travelled to Hungary with the intention of negotiating on the practical realisation of expanding relations between the two countries.

The delegation visited a milk processing plant and a frozen products plant, after which they visited the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre in Gödöllő, where they held talks on reinforcing cooperation within the field of research & development.

Following the meeting, Mr. Fazekas told reporters: “Hungary is playing the role of bridgehead in Chinese-European cooperation”.

In recent years, Hungarian-Chinese diplomatic relations, including agricultural diplomacy relations, have been developing promisingly as a result of Hungary’s “Eastern Opening” strategy.

In turn, this is creating a broader range of linking points between the People’s Republic of China and Hungary in the form of diverse scientific, business and institutional cooperation.

featured image: MTI, Sándor Fazekas to the left on a previous event

Source: kormany.hu – press release

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