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It used to be a popular destination for those who wanted to enjoy the beautiful view of the Hungarian capital after a not-so-tiring hike.

For the past years, Citadella (the Hungarian word for citadel) has been quite a rejected option and a rather unknown place for tourists. Now it seems like the hill and the Hungarian Statue of Liberty on top of it will be part of the capital’s repertoire from 2023.

It will be transformed into a magical spot to spend a romantic evening, take a long walk to forget everyday stress, or take the kids for the afternoon.

Palace of Archduke Charles Joseph in the Buda Castle to reborn

Probably few of our dear readers know the Citadella, and even fewer have visited it during their stay. For the past years, the whole area looked rather destroyed and neglected. Fortunately, soon it will be renovated, reports

The green areas will be expanded to one and a half times the size of the current place, to 20,000 m2. This expansion includes a huge public park of 6,000 m2 inside the wall of the fortress. An artificial lake and a café will be built. Several new passages will be opened in the wall which will open up the fortress and make it look freer and closer to nature.

New terraces will be created to see the whole of Pest from all directions.

A 35-metre-tall flag and an exhibition presenting the liberation fights of the Hungarians will be opened in the cannon tower.

The renovation works began in the spring of 2021 and will be concluded in 2023. As the first step, the state of the area was inspected, and extensive archaeological research was conducted. Many objects from Hungarian history were found during the first phase of the works – among them were coins from Roman and Turkish times, the bases of a planetarium from the 19th century, and a gun carriage from the First World War that is considered a rare piece even in Europe.

The renovation works are coordinated by the National Hauszmann Program, which posted a mesmerising video on Facebook about the current state of the Citadella and how it will look in only two years.

Ismerjék meg a Citadella történetét és megújítását

Megkezdtük a Citadella megújítását!Legújabb kisfilmünkből megismerhetik Magyarország egyik leghíresebb nevezetességének kalandos történetét és jövőjét. Mikor épült és mire használták a Citadellát? Mikorra újul meg a terület? Mi várja majd az ide ellátogatókat a munkák végeztével?Nézzék meg kisfilmünket a válaszokért!

Posted by Nemzeti Hauszmann Program on Friday, July 16, 2021

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  1. The area should be linked with park area leading up to the palace area. A foot and Bicycle bridge across the roadway dividing them.
    The road from the bridge should be a parkway atleast to Sanc utca. Get rid of the high speed motorway look to a more esthetic look. My favorite part are the flashing arrows across from the water falls. The speed limit is less than 30klm. Motorway light fixtures at base of the falls- next to the great eagle topped light fixtures -looks awful. The lower entrance needs work. The whole area needs light for people- not cars with sophisticated head lights. The bridge should be painted the color of the original bridge – there is nothing special about the bridge. White only adds to its not fitting the area.

  2. Pre Covid every year in the summer I would take visiting friends from other countries there and it was always busy. Hradly ‘neglected’.

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