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Although migration policy is undoubtedly a matter of sharp disputes and Hungary is exposed to strong pressure, a coalition supporting Hungary’s anti-migration stance is taking shape, Hungarian MEP Lívia Járóka told the Monday issue of the daily Magyar Idők.

She said that the

debates over that heavily politicised issue should be conducted on a professional basis,

which is also manifest in Hungary’s arguments.

Concerning the draft about the mandatory redistribution of migrants among member states without an upper limit approved by the EP’s LIBE committee, she that the demographic challenges faced by Europe should not be solved through migration.

Járóka, who was appointed to serve as EP vice-president last week, said the US, the NATO member states and the western European countries should assume responsibility for restoring peace in the countries from where refugees arrive in Europe.

She said that the EU member states are obviously unable to integrate as many migrants as they pledged. 

“The dialogue should therefore be conducted along new lines and the prevailing European trends assessed on the basis of real facts,” she said.

Járóka emphasised that the demographic problems could be eased by the integration of the Roma, a community with an enormous potential, particularly in the rural areas.

Source: MTI

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