The less physical contact the better. This has been our motto since coronavirus spread all over the world. When it is no longer appropriate to change business cards with each other, comes a Hungarian idea to revolutionize how we manage our personal and business contacts.

Even before a global epidemic hit the world, we knew that using traditional business cards have long been unjustified. We all store our contacts on our phones and laptops. After we save the information we need, physical business cards usually land in the trash. Thus, we are creating unnecessary waste and hurt the environment. Like with many other things, digitalisation can be the key.

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A new app with Hungarian roots offers a good alternative to traditional business cards, hvg reports. SendeeApp is a digital business card for a new generation, that can be especially helpful during the time of social distancing. It is available free of charge for both iOS and Android.

What can you do with SendeeApp?

  • You can exchange contact information without any sort of physical contact.
  • You can instantly exchange business cards, and you can immediately turn a received business card into a phone book entry.
  • Store all your saved data in one place: your phone book.
  • You can create a default business card for yourself, and you can customise the content you want to share in real-time. You are in charge of what you share with whom.
  • Via in-app purchases (for about 3 Euros), you can create three default cards for different purposes. For example, one for business and one for personal use.

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