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In the city of Derby in the United Kingdom, Hungarian cyclist Csaba Kiss committed twenty-two sex attacks against twenty-one lone women. He has been jailed by the Derby Crown Court for three years and nine months.

Daily Mail reported that 36-year-old Csaba Kiss grabbed or touched these women sexually and then rode off with his bicycle. The Derby Crown Court got informed about this case from a campaign against lone women which ran for 13 weeks in Derby and was influenced by the attacks from Csaba Kiss that had happened in the city.

The attacks took place in the city centre between July 29 and November 4. Kiss followed his victims on his bicycle on each occasion before he dismounted it to grab and touch women sexually. After the attack, he rode off and disappeared.

One 19-year-old young woman became a victim of Csaba Kiss twice.

The prosecutor of the Derby Crown Court, Sarah Knight, explained some of the cases that had happened in the city.

“They were upset, angry, anxious and, in some cases, were left crying. One of the victims said what happened to her left her feeling ‘horrible and seriously frightened’. The youngest victim was just thirteen” – said Sarah Knight.

Miss Knight also reported that the first sexual assault happened against a 17-year-old girl on July 29.

”She was alone and the defendant cycled up behind her, grabbed her bottom then cycled away.”

The court was also informed that while Csaba Kiss was attacking women in Derby, he visited his child and wife twice in Hungary. Allegedly, Kiss moved to the United Kingdom in 2016.

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