According to, in the past few days, a gang of teenage boys had been harassing women in the neighbourhood of the Parliament and even recorded the nasty actions. Fortunately, the police caught them quickly and took action against them with the charge of indecent exposure.

“A group of teenage boys has been harassing women walking alone in the middle of downtown Budapest, in the neighbourhood of the Parliament – especially Akadémia and Zoltán Street. Their method: two of them approach the victim from the back, one records the case on his phone, while the others watch and enjoy. The two “action heroes” – at the same time of course, because this is bravery, right? – jump at innocent women, start touching and harassing them while dirty talking to them” wrote a woman to Index, who believes that the gang terrorised women walking alone between 7 and 10 pm. According to the witness, the gang is made up of 4-5 dark-haired, 160-170 cm tall, 15-year-old boys wearing T-shirts and shorts.

A victim told Index that she was attacked at the corner of Vadász and Bátori Street around 7 pm last Sunday. “I was listening to music, when someone suddenly pushed me hard and started rummaging in my back pocket. Two of them were pushing me, one recorded a video, while two just stared at us. They weren’t gutter-children, they had expensive phones and nice clothes. They were giggling all along, they seemed to be having fun” said the 160 cm tall woman.

“There was a mini scrummage, then they ran away but didn’t take any of my belongings. I felt like I was in danger, but I also felt like it was some type of a baiting rip off. I didn’t feel like it was of sexual impulse.” After the boys ran away, the woman reported them at the police.

Three women reported about a gang of young boys harassing them, while one of the boys recorded the whole thing on the 11th and 12th of June at the Police Headquarters of the 5th district. The Budapest Central Police Headquarters told Index that since the first reports, the teenage gang has been caught. They even recorded a video about the action.


The police managed to identify the assumed perpetrators. On the 13th of June, 2017 around 7:20 pm, the police caught six young boys and their 18-year-old partner in Vadász Street. The boys were taken to the police headquarters, where the detectives found the phone, with which at least 20 similar crimes had been recorded previously.

“The four underaged offenders were interrogated by the police as suspects, the Police Headquarters of the 5th district took action against them with the charge of indecent exposure. The suspects admitted that they had committed the crimes, from now on they are on probation.”

The police asks anyone who fell victim to the harassment to report themselves at the Police Headquarters of the 5th district, at Szalay Street 11-13, or to report the case via the 06-80-555-111 “telephone witness” green number referring to the 01050/1871/2017 criminal number or via the 107, 112 central emergency numbers.

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