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Among the more significant settlements of the countryside, the difference between apartment prices is significantly smaller than between Budapest and the other cities of the country. Based on data from Dunahouse (website), the most expensive city of higher education is Debrecen after the capital. 

The difference in price is enormous between Budapest and the rest of the cities: bed-sitting room apartments cost 20-25 million HUF (66667-83334 USD) in Budapest meanwhile the same sort of apartments cost only 12-15 million HUF (40000-50000 USD).

The agglomeration of Budapest profits the most from the high prices of the capital.

Dunakeszi piaca
Market of the growing town of Dunakeszi

Based on the statistics of Világgazdaság (news portal), the most popular areas are the Northern and the Southern sectors in the agglomeration of Budapest. The majority of the offers are terraced houses, duplex/semi-detached houses and flats of 100-120 square metres. E.g. many have chosen to move to Szigetszentmiklós, Dunakeszi – this way they became the most populated towns of the region after Érd. Since 2010 the population in each of these two settlements increased by 10000. The number of apartment purchase is 17-18 per 1000 inhabitants – according to Soóki-Tóth Gábor, analysation leader of Otthon Centrum.

Before starting our studies in higher education, many factors affect whether it is worth to buy or rent an apartment. It is important to consider whether the student stays in that particular settlement after graduation or not. In the long term, it is worth more to buy our own apartments even if the prices are higher at the beginning. 

From the aspect of education it is vital to choose our apartments well

The difference between the monthly rental price and the average square meter price is much less than in the capital, so purchasing an apartment is more profitable in the long-term – based on the press release of Duna House, sent to the editorial staff of Forbes (magazine of business).  

In the countryside, the highest prices are in Debrecen – the average square metre price is around 400-450 thousand HUF (1333-1500 USD). The average price was 29 million HUF (96667 USD) in the last quarter of this year. The prices in Győr, Kecskemét, Szombathely and Veszprém are more moderate, between 310-385 thousand HUF (1033-1283 USD) as the average price per square metre. 

In these cities, the expected monthly rental price is between 90-130 thousand HUF (300-433 USD). 

Among bigger cities of higher education, the conditions of apartment purchase are the most favourable in Miskolc. You can find offers for the price of 200 thousand HUF (667 USD) per square metre; however, the rental cost for apartments is just a bit cheaper than in Nyíregyháza or Szeged. 


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