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Fidesz is spending 30 billion forints (EUR 97m) of taxpayer money to buy the votes of ethnic Hungarian citizens ahead of the general election this spring, an opposition official has said.

The ruling party has doled out this money to organisations beyond the border to draw ethnic Hungarian political parties into its circle of interests, Attila Ara-Kovács, the leftist Democratic Coalition’s (DK) foreign affairs spokesman, said on Wednesday. Fidesz brands anyone unwilling to cooperate as traitors, he added.

DK maintains its view that people without an address in Hungary should not have the right to vote.

But rather than stripping ethnic Hungarians of this acquired right, DK would level the playing field by applying the same voting rules for all Hungarian citizens who live abroad, he said, referring to Hungarians with an address in Hungary who work abroad but do not have the option of a postal vote.

Fidesz called Ara-Kovács’s remarks “outrageous”, and said that the Hungarian left wing was “being more hateful now than in 2004”, referring back to DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány’s stance as prime minister against extending citizenship to Hungarians living in other countries in a referendum that year. Fidesz said in a statement that if the opposition were to come to power, Hungary could expect them to “fuel hate, divide and weaken the nation and take in migrants”.
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Source: MTI

  1. @DK (DummKoph’s)
    These guys brand both me, born abroad to Hungarian born parents, and them as ‘ethnic’. Yet looking at these foolish idiots. They would sooner allow in illegal migrants, give them a holiday pass and full privaleges such a voting and other rights. Another reason why i don’t wish to listen to anything they say. I had enough of them.

  2. More liberal Idiots catering to the globalists. Condone sovereign Nations and allow the flooding of Europe and Hungary with migrants. Gyurcsany and his ilk need to be banned and listed as Anti-hungarian.

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