Budapest, July 28 (MTI) – If the October 2 referendum on the European Union’s migrant quota is invalid, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should resign, the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Thursday.

While ruling Fidesz’s “hate campaign is at full swing on every front,” the democratic opposition parties have gradually come to agree that their members and supporters should stay away from the “senseless” referendum, which “causes serious damage to Hungary”, party spokesman Zsolt Gréczy told MTI.

If people who never take part in elections and referendums plus supporters of the opposition parties that reject it stay away from the vote, then there will be a realistic chance for the referendum to be invalid, namely the turnout will remain below the 50 percent limit, he added.

Orbán should then resign because it was he who initiated the referendum and should therefore take the political responsibility for its failure, Gréczy said.


In a reaction, the ruling Fidesz party called on the leftist parties to “make a clean breast of it” and admit that they support the “forced settlement” of migrants in Hungary.

In its statement, Fidesz insisted that Hungary’s left is making “desperate attempts” to thwart the government’s upcoming referendum.

“Hungary and the future of Hungarian people are jeopardised by the planned forced settlement,” the statement said. “Brussels wants to deprive member states of all their powers over immigration and wants to distribute migrants among European countries while there is no end to the influx.”

The statement accused Hungary’s “pro-migration Left” of complicity with Brussels, “spreading the threat of terrorism and destroying Europe ethnically, culturally and in religious terms”.

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Source: MTI

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  1. The referendum is is not about whom should resign; such a statement is political posturing. The referendum is the opportunity for Hungarians to state their opinion on Brussels’ proposal to fine countries for not accepting a specified quota of refugees. In fact, it’s not just about Hungary; it’s about the entire EU. If the referendum does not go ahead then the country could find that the next step might well lead to Hungexit. Regrettably I cannot vote, but if I could I would.

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