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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, November 16 (MTI) – It is “unacceptable and disgraceful” that Prime Minister Viktor Orban should make a connection in any way between the challenges of immigration and the Paris attacks, the opposition Egyutt party said on Monday.

Viktor Szigetvari, the party’s leader, said the prime minister had a chance to correct his previous anti-immigrant policies in order to support and not to sabotage joint European solutions. Szigetvari said the two lawmakers for Egyutt who sit as independents will vote against the proposal to oppose the EU quota system.

A stronger Europe is only possible if, in addition to mandatory quotas, a new policy on deportations and new Dublin rules are adopted, Szigetvari said, adding that meanwhile asylum-seekers should be treated as humans.

Egyutt calls on the government to withdraw the refugee laws enacted in September as they “contravene international laws in every way”. Szigetvari also said fence-building was the wrong way to go, while the party continues to support the fight against terrorism and the IS.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. Pleasing to know that the Hungarian opposition opposes IS….the rest is posturing…the only solution is selective resettlement as practised by UK and Australia. Merkel’s moral imperialism and Brussels incapacity should be condemned. What kind of refugee policy encourages people to take children on dangerous journeys enabled by criminals?

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