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The National Election Committee (NVB) registered the national lists of another five parties for the April 8 general election on Friday, bringing the total number of registered party lists to 18.

The NVB registered the national lists of the Democratic Party for the Welfare of European Christian Romas, the Compass Party, the Common Denominator 2018, the Hungarian Life and Justice Party and the Party for a Fit and Healthy Hungary.

Under Hungary’s election rules, only parties that field at least 27 candidates in at least nine counties and the capital can put together a national list.

Parties may nominate a maximum of three times as many candidates on their national lists as the number of parliamentary seats that can be won from the votes casts for national lists, which is 93.

The NVB is to review the application of further 12 parties until the deadline on Saturday evening.

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Source: MTI

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