The President of TEK’s (Counter Terrorism Centre) Scientific Council wrote in a paper last year that illegal immigration doesn’t pose any terrorist threats to Hungary. The study was removed from TEK’s website on Monday evening, writes quotes from the 20 page long study that was written by the President of TEK’s Scientific Council at the end of last year.

The study appeared in the Scientific Council’s journal where TEK expert Lieutenant Colonel Miklós Böröcz (also editor in chief) wrote that he also thought illegal immigration poses a terrorist threat, because most of the illegal immigrants have little to no education, and depend on government aids, become poor, which leads them straight to criminal activities and radical political views. After doing some research in the subject, Böröcz realized that he was wrong, and stated in his paper that “terrorism and illegal immigration are not necessarily linked together to such a great extent as we had previously thought.”

Böröcz relied on the German Federal Intelligence Service’s (BND) standpoint from 2006, when he wrote that for intelligence agencies, legal migration poses a greater threat than illegal immigration. Terrorist acts are usually done by legal immigrants in Western cities, or by those who had “migrant ancestors”; Islamic terrorists are looking for first-, second-, or third generation legal immigrants with a stable social background, as it was the case in the attacks of Madrid and London. Böröcz emphasized that “it can be stated, that the successful integration of migrants is a good investment in preventing terrorism,” and he added that if someone is integrated into society, they tend to avoid radical groups and are not likely affected by terrorists.

Böröcz lists multiple terrorist attacks that were committed in the West, and it revealed that most of the attacks were committed by legal immigrants, or citizens. According to him, the ideal terrorist is either a legal immigrant, or the citizen of the target country.  

Defence policy expert György Nógrádi is also a member of the editorial staff. Nógrádi told the press multiple times that many of the immigrants can be terrorists. The study appeared in the 2014/II issue of TEK’s scientific journal; found it and downloaded it on Monday afternoon. However, it is unavailable since Monday evening.  

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translated by Adrienn Sain


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