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Are you one of those people who are obsessed with adventure holidays and extreme sports? Or are you one who despite being terrified of extreme activities still want to prove how to overcome one’s fears? Are you not terrified of death-defying heights or frantic speed?  Then, you might want to check out what kind of extreme sports activities are available in Hungary which definitely get your heart pumping.

If you are an adrenaline junkie who is fond of extreme things from jumping, through falling to gliding on a wakeboard, then this article is for you. The most extreme activities are collected here which besides being fun, thrilling and freaking exciting, also offer a phenomenal view. Join us in this heart-racing adventure.

1. Bringaréna, Eplény

If the name of Eplény is familiar to you, it is not a coincidence. This Hungarian town is famous for its ski slopes where thousands of people ski every year when winter sets in. However, what would a place like this do with its slopes and ski lift in the summer?

eplény bike
This is how it looks like when bikes are transported instead of skis/facebook/Bringaréna Eplény/

No, they do not close the establishment but provide an opportunity for bikers and their bikes to get to the mountain top from where various slopes start, reports Veszpreminfo.hu.

From the very beginning to the more advanced bikers, there is a lot to enjoy besides the scenery.

Those seeking some adventures might want to try out the cross country, the free ride or the downhill paths where the adrenaline rush is absolutely guaranteed.

eplény motorcycle
/facebook/Bringaréna Eplény/

If you get tired of the constant jumping over smaller or bigger hills, you might want to take enjoyable mountain trips as well to the neighbouring towns and mountains, for example to Kőrös Mountain, Római Bath or to the Arboretum of Zirc.

2. Venice Beach Cable Park, Velence

If you are the lover of water sports and the sunnier weather puts you in a mood for wanting to glide on water by standing on a wakeboard, then the Venice Beach Cable Park is for you.

While your family can take a long walk around the lake, you can try out this sport.

As soon as the temperature of the water increases, sportspeople can get on their wakeboards and fight with the wind and the various obstacles constructed to perform some tricks.

beach water sport
/facebook/Venice Beach Cable Park/

It is absolutely thrilling and only the most experienced ones can get away without getting wet. Those pursuing a career in this sport have to dig deep into their pockets since a monthly ticket is 120,000 Ft (400 euros) while a single beginner ticket is 4,000 Ft (14 euros). For a one-time experience, it is worth trying out.

water sport
/facebook/Venice Beach Cable Park/

3. Tandem Team, Balatonkeresztúr

If you have not get excited so far, then the following opportunity will certainly get your heart pumping. The Hungarian team, Tandem Team, dealing with this extreme activity and guaranteeing your safety was founded in 1999 in Australia and it was them who introduced the accelerated freefall training in Hungary, reports Tandemugras.co.hu.

tandem jump air

So, considering their professional background, would you trust them and jump into the air falling with 220 km/h? Are you ready to face your biggest fear?

If your answer is yes, then you might want to try out this sport requiring only 50-55 seconds to reach the ground.

But the question is: why would some people really want it? In fact, the tandem skydive is the most popular among first-time jumpers because it only needs 5 minutes to acquire the basics before the person can enjoy the free fall.

tandem jump fly

And this amazing opportunity is offered for how much? The tandem jump costs 45,000 forints (150 euros), but if you would like to remember the amazing moments of free fall, you can record the event for another 9,000 forints (30 euros).

4. Zemplén Adventure Park, Sátoraljaújhely

The aim of the adventure park of Sátoraljaújhely is to help visitors overcome their fears whether they are physical or psychological ones, reports Zemplenkalandpark.hu. Therefore, it offers a test of courage where one’s mental preparedness is as important as the physical well-being. Besides the bobsleigh track, the ski slopes and the longest sitting chair elevator of the country, visitors can also try out the extreme zip line, the latest attraction of the park.

adventure fly
/facebook/Zemplén Kalandpark Sátoraljaújhely/

The zip line is called Sólyom (Falcon) and it was inaugurated to the public in 2015. The 1,036-meter-long zip line connecting two mountains offers an amazing experience for those brave enough to overcome their fear of heights.

These volunteers can fly with 80 km/h in the first Hungarian zipline of this kind.

And in order to remember the amazing adventure, GoPro video cameras can be attached to the helmet of everyone recording the spectacular surrounding and the reaction of the panic-stricken volunteers. This experience costs 3,850 Ft (13 euros) per person.

adventure park fly
/facebook/Zemplén Kalandpark Sátoraljaújhely/

5. High-Tech experience, various locations

You can enjoy the High-Tech experience in Hévíz, Balatonfüred, Budapest or Mátrafüred where more than 200 km of paved and off-road are offered for the courageous visitors, reports Hsb.hu. There are so many opportunities offered to the lovers of extreme activities, that the whole family would find something enjoyable. From mountain cart and monster roller, through cross country, quad and shredder opportunities to dog scooter, e-jeep and snow scooter options, there are many things available that are hardly possible to enumerate.

nature sport
/facebook/HSB.hu – High-tech élménytúrák az év minden napján/

Tours can be taken with your children or alone and there are activities for real beginner, intermediate and advanced level riders, too. The price depends on the tour and the extreme sport you choose, so for more information, visit the website of the team.

sport winter
/facebook/HSB.hu – High-tech élménytúrák az év minden napján/

Hopefully, you have obtained some ideas for blowing off a little steam and enjoying the Hungarian countryside. Whether up in the air or down on the ground, you would be amazed by how beautiful the Hungarian landscape is in each season.  🙂

Featured image: facebook/TandemTeam

Source: veszpreminfo.hu; hsb.hu; tandemugras.co.hu; aktiv.itthon.hu; zemplenkalandpark.hu

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