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A Moroccan family of three were enjoying their time in Budapest. They were taking photos in the heart of the city when a strange tourist and two cops approached them and started looking all over their personal belongings. The conmen managed to steal 1,000 Euros from the family.

The incident happened on the 1st of September in the heart of Budapest at Blaha Lujza square, Police.hu reports. The family was taking pictures, while a strange man approached them. The man said he was also a tourist, and he asked them for help. A little later, two other men showed up wearing police badges. The two “policemen” asked to see the family’s IDs, then they started looking all over their stuff. They told the family that they were looking for cocaine.

The conmen managed to steal 1,000 Euros from the tourists’ bags. The family noticed the missing money only hours later.

They were caught in a short time

The family went to the police and filed a statement as soon as they noticed the missing money. Luckily, there was a surveillance camera at the square, so the whole incident was caught on camera. Thanks to the surveillance footage, the police was able to identify and find the conmen within a day. All three men (the tourist and the two policemen) are Romanian citizens. The police captured them in a hotel. The three Romanians were prosecuted for fraud.

Source: www.police.hu

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