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Fidesz amended the anti-paedophile law. Under the new proposal, the “promotion” and presentation of homosexuality or gender reassignment would be prohibited for those under 18 years of age. This category includes, for example, advertising, but this is not the only disputed amendment.

The law would exclude civilians from sex education. Such presentations could only be given in the future by registered organisations and speakers. This information can be read from the documents on the website of the National Assembly. According to NGOs,

it is a frontal attack on freedom of expression and children’s rights.

It seems that the Hungarian government wants to copy the Russian pattern. The “promotion” and display of homosexuality and gender reassignment would be prohibited for those under the age of 18. This includes commercials and school performances.

The new proposal limits the functioning of more liberal NGOs. After all, only registered individuals and organisations could hold sex education classes in schools. However, it is not only sex education that could not be held by a liberal NGO but also, for example, occupations related to drug prevention or other health promotion, writes telex.hu. It is a huge problem that these  proposals are included in the anti-paedophile law package.

With this, Fidesz confuses sexual crimes with the issue of gender identity.

The amendment to the advertising act is related to Coca-Cola’s 2019 campaign, which featured a gay male couple. The Pest County Government Office imposed a fine on the company. In February this year, more than 40 companies joined the “family is family” campaign. IKEA, HBO, Sziget Festival, and Levi’s also joined. This would not have been possible with the adoption of the new proposal.

Another reason for the new law could be the Fairy Tale for Everyone book, which has caused a great scandal. Dóra Dúró, a politician from Our Homeland, shredded a copy of the book as a sign of her protest. Nearly a thousand psychologists issued a joint statement saying that the book is not dangerous to either children or members of society.

Source: telex.hu

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  1. Those who approves those laws are the same that goes in gay orgies behind the scene. And by the choice of the cover image, I can guess the type of person that runs this website, trying to attach the image of the homosexuality with some perversity. What a shame, but I couldn’t expect less.
    All of this is just a smoke shield to cover all the corruption and the game of power that is running now in Hungary.

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