Bruce Willis fought with Iván Kamarás in Die Hard while Kata Dobó played the role of a murderer in the CSI series. collected five films which would not exist without Hungarian contribution. According to them, Hungarian actors, actresses, stunts and, CGI developers stand their ground even among the hotshots of filmmaking.

As we already reported, Budapest and Hungary have become very popular in the eyes of the Hollywood film industry, so American blockbuster stars are swarming in the Hungarian capital lately. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger is filming now the sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise together with Gabriel Luna and Linda Hamilton in Hungary. Before, among others, Jennifer Lawrence, Harrison Ford, and, Ryan Gosling were also in Budapest.

Here Lawrence speaks about a bar fight she got into in Budapest:

However, not only Hollywood stars come to Budapest but also Hungarians got roles in the blockbusters of the American film industry.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

Starring Keanu Reeves, the film’s plot is rather simple: Klaatu (Reeves) arrives from space to eradicate humanity from the face of the Earth because otherwise, they will destroy the planet. In fact, Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital made visual effects where Balázs Kiss worked as senior lighting technical director. Thus, he was responsible for the digital lighting of the render scenes as the head of a small team.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Famous Hungarian actress Kata Dobó tried her luck after her successful ‘A miniszter félrelép’ film (1997) in Hollywood. However, she only managed to act in B-category films. Still, she could perform together with Dolph Lundgren (Detention – 2003) and she played the wife of Steven Seagal in Out for a kill (2003). However, not many know that she was able to play in the very popular CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series. More specifically, she played the role of a porn star named Chloe Samms arrested for murder in the episode Lady Heather’s Box.

Kata Dobó played a murderer in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Photo:

Thor: The Dark World

In this sequel of the Thor franchise, only Chris Hemsworth is capable of saving the world from the dark elf Malekith. However, to do so first he has to free his brother, Loki. Szabolcs Menyhei worked on the fabulous landscapes of Asgard as the digital matte painter and environment technical director of the film. Furthermore, he had to create those places that exist in reality but would have been too expensive to shoot on.

Die Hard – A Good Day to Die Hard

In fact, many Hungarian celebrities were able to perform in the film shot in 2012 in Budapest. For example, Ganxta Zolee speeded in a huge armoured vehicle on the streets of Budapest while one of John McClane’s kills was Attila Árpa. Furthermore, in a scene, McClane punched Iván Kamarás in his face and drove away in Kamarás’s car.

Here you can watch this scene:

Bel Ami

Robert Pattinson came in 2011 to Budapest in order to shoot Bel Ami. Though the plot originally happens in the 19th century Paris, because of financial reasons, the film was shot in Budapest near the Opera House. Interestingly, two Hungarian designers, Zsuzsanna Borvendég and Attila Kocsis created the authentic background.

Robert Pattinson in Budapest. Photo:



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