Turizmusonline.hu reports that, on March 27, airberlin added a third regular flight to its schedule that flies from Budapest to Berlin. This extra flight will result in the accessibility of further locations.

The newest flight, numbered AB8261 operates on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. It takes off at 6:25 and lands at 7:55 at the Berlin-Tegel airport, serving further connections within the airline’s major airports.

The site refers to Julio Rodriguez, Chief Commercial Officer of airberlin, who said that apart from the better connections, the more frequent flights provide more options, especially for the Hungarian passengers.

Thanks to the global network of airberlin, destinations such as Chicago, New York (JFK), Copenhagen, Stockholm, Alicante, Malaga, Faro , Olbia, Reykjavik, the Canary-islands and other German cities, including Nurnberg, Karlsruhe and Saarbrucken are accessible for the passengers.

Furthermore, through Berlin going to Abu Dhabi is also a possibility for travelers from Budapest, as flights operate two times a day. The accessibility of Abu Dhabi makes Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Delhi, Seychelles and Phuket available to visit. Flights of the Etihad Airways can also be booked via its partner airline, airberlin.

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Source: turizmusonline.hu

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