It is the seventh year that Forbes has published the 2020 ranking of the most profitable Hungarian celebrities. Here are the most famous Hungarians who did not take it slow during the quarantine period.

As Forbes introduces this year’s results, many of 2020’s entrants took advantage of the COVID-19 situation to come up with new ideas to develop their business. Several of this year’s celebrities need no introduction to this list, but we will also find some emerging newcomers in 2020’s ranking.

It is the third year that world-famous Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszú is taking the first place in Forbes’ annual top 20 list of Hungarian celebrities with the highest net worth. Besides her numerous gold medals, she is also the proud owner of a swim school and has her own swimwear collection. And now a biographic movie is also under way about the Iron Lady’s life, as we earlier wrote here.

katinka hungarian flag
Katinka Hosszú

Katinka Hosszú is followed by Nóra Ördög, who has also been at the forefront of this ranking for several years now. She has recently opened and is constantly expanding her little shop (Nekem a Balaton) in lakeside village Balatonakarattya, in an attempt to support local producers.

This year’s third place is taken by presenter Balázs Sebestyén, who is currently building his own production company. He is followed by rapper-television host Majka, who has doubled the revenue of his company since 2019.


Presenter Bence Istenes is fifth on the list and also the celebrity who received the highest number of votes from the jury (see the selection process below). Actress Ramóna Kiss stepped up to the 10th place this year, which makes her the most successful cast member of legendary Hungarian soap opera Barátok közt.

Laci Gáspár

Between the 10th and 20th place, Forbes welcomes several newcomers on this year’s list. Bogi Dallos, who is also the youngest member on the list, arrived 11th. The singer is praised by Forbes for her social media skills. Other than Bogi, several of this year’s new entrants are musicians: Laci Gáspár, who started his career in Hungarian talent show Megasztár in 2003, is 18th, and Dávid Marsalkó, head of the popular hip-hop group Halott Pénz, is 20th on the list.

As Forbes writes about the newcomers,

a few years’ work is usually not enough to make it to this list, but there are always exceptions. While emerging celebrities often have 10–20 sponsors, experienced winners pay special attention to how to use their personal brand.

And there are celebrities who, after a short break, are back in the Forbes ranking this year. At 16th place we find Caramel, who is another musician of Megasztár talent show and was awarded with “Hungarian Grammy” Fonogram in the pop-rock category in 2019. Another returning celebrity is fitness instructor Réka Rubint (19th place), who will be debuting with her own cosmetic brand this September.

rubint réka
Réka Rubint
How is the ranking made?

As Forbes writes, the ranking was made by narrowing down a list of 130, then 25 candidates. Hungarian marketing research company NRC then performed an representative online survey among Hungarians aged 18–59 to learn about each celebrity’s popularity and credibility.

In the meantime, a jury of 14 professionals were asked to rate each candidate’s profitability, professionalism, content, and presence in social media.

The jury consisted of several high-ranking professionals, representing well-known businesses and media companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, ACG, Cosmopolitan, Index, and RTL Hungary.

The scores of the online research (800 points maximum) and the jury (640) were then added to those given by the Forbes staff (100). The maximum achievable score was 1,500 points.

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