Strasbourg shooting
Strasbourg, 2018. december 12. Videofelvételrõl készült kép földön fekvõ emberekrõl a strasbourgi karácsonyi vásár közelében, ahol lövöldözés történt 2018. december 11-én. A támadásban hárman meghaltak, tizenketten megsebesültek, közülük hatan kritikus állapotban vannak. Az elkövetõ, akit már azonosítottak, szökésben van. MTI/AP/CMM

To the foreign ministry’s knowledge, no Hungarians were hurt in Tuesday’s shooting in Strasbourg, which killed three and injured 17, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told a press conference on Wednesday in Budapest.

Szijjártó also said that Hungary’s government is ensuring the country’s security with all the tools at its disposal, but Europe should also take measures to give back Europeans their security.

“It would be nice to have an Advent without having to close Christmas markets because of various attacks,” he said.

For that matter, Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary for international communications, expressed his sympathy on Wednesday with the relatives of the victims of last night’s shooting in Strasbourg.

He said the attack was another sign that terror had moved into Europe with migration.

The Hungarian government refuses to accept that terrorism coupled with mass migration should become part of everyday life in Europe, he told a press conference in front of the European Parliament headquarters.

The “pro-migration majority neglects the dangers and wants to institutionalise migration to Europe by every means available,” he said. The Hungarian government, however, will deploy all its available resources to block this “insane and unrealistic policy”, he added.

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Source: MTI

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