Honfoglalás painting Mihály Munkácsy
Wiki Commons – Painting by Mihály Munkácsy

DNA analysis of a sample of bone from King Béla III (1172-1196) has determined that Hungary’s first ruling dynasty, the House of Árpad, were Eurasian rather than Finno-Ugric.

An international research team working with Hungary’s National Institute of Oncology identified the DNA of the paternal line of the Árpáds, the institute’s director, Miklós Kasler, told the daily Magyar Idők.

The research of the Y-Chromosome profile was carried out by a team of eminent archeogeneticists, including members of the University of Goettingen, the professor said. The findings will serve as a reference for identifying further remnants of the Árpád dynasty and resolving any controversy over their descendants.

“If we look at the DNA in more detail, then we can go back to the origins of the Árpáds on the paternal line to find out exactly which ethnic groups belonged to the members of the Árpád House, and we may also tell where they might have played a role in history,” Kasler said.

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Featured image: Wiki Commons – Painting by Mihály Munkácsy

Source: MTI

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