US-based rights watchdog Freedom House (FH) ranked Hungary as “free” from the point of view of internet rights in its global internet freedom 2017 report released on Tuesday.

FH assessed internet rights in 65 countries and gave Hungary a score of 29 on a scale of 0-100 with 100 indicating the least free status.

Internet freedom declined in 32 countries including Hungary and improved in only 13 countries during the period under survey, FH said.

Manipulation by means of pro-government media outlets has been prevalent in Hungary, FH said, adding that online contents criticising state authorities on occasions became subject to censorship.

“Independent online outlets were increasingly squeezed out of the market and a new antiterrorism law gave authorities greater powers to demand user data from private companies,” FH said.

Freedom House said that the internet in Hungary remained relatively free and

“the government does not engage in any politically motivated blocking or filtering of online content”.

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Source: MTI

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