Salgótarján, 2017. július 10. Villámlás a viharban Salgótarján közelébõl fotózva 2017. július 10-én. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

A huge storm swept across the country yesterday. According to, the hitches were mostly caused by fallen trunks and split off branches. The assessment of the damage is still being carried out.

A crazy storm washed away the country yesterday evening and night. The rain drift caused a lot of issues all over the country, therefore the firefighters were called to 200 places due to fallen trunks, split off branches and injuries. They received the most alarm calls in Somogy, Fejér and Pest Counties.

For instance, some people got injured in Siófok due to split off branches, while a bus crashed into a fallen trunk is Fejér County. The train traffic was obstructed by fallen trunks in several spots on the southern Balaton train line, and there were blackouts in a few villages.

Photo: MTI

According to the weather forecast, further storms can be expected in the upcoming days, so meteorologists ordered a first-degree alarm in the whole country. The Hungarian Disaster Management Directorate asks everyone to pay attention to the alarms, especially if you’re at the lakeside.

Budapest was also affected by the storm, the firefighters received the most alarm calls in the 3rd, 17th and 18th districts due to fallen trunks and split off branches. A train ran at a voluminous branch on Nagykőrösi Road, while a tree fell before a train at the Rákospalota train station.

Moreover, a tree fell onto a car in Városfal utca (3rd district). Besides the districts mentioned above, the firefighters were also called to several locations in Újpest. Fortunately, no one got injured in the capital city.

As we wrote, the hottest dawn was recorded in Hungary on Tuesday.

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