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Budapest, 2018. június 26. Üzletek a Budapest Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülõtér 2B terminálján 2018. június 26-án. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

A Muslim foreigner was taken into hospital due to his restless and disturbed behaviour this morning at the Budapest International Airport. The Airport has been temporarily closed down while experts have examined his bag for explosives, reports.

According to, a foreign passenger was behaving uneasily and disturbed at the check-in point at 9:50 am local time. The behaviour of the man caught other passengers’ attention instantly as getting out of the taxi, the man was running into the terminal and distancing himself from his bag.

His way of acting has awakened anxiety and fear of terrorism both in passengers and authorities: the terminal has been temporarily closed down and emptied until demolition experts examined the bag, but no bombs or explosives were found. The man has eventually been brought to the hospital due to his restless behaviour.

After the careful investigation of the man’s personal data it turned out that he is wanted for truculence and possession of drugs.

Several other Hungarian online sources such as and Szeretlekmagyarorszá were reporting about a praying Muslim man frightening other passengers with his religious activities at the airport.

However, as Budapest Airport spokesperson Mihály Hardy says, today’s case was a matter of mental health and drug use rather than an act of terrorism related to Muslim fundamentalism.

Although the Ombudsman ruled that local regulations in Ásotthalom restricting Muslim religious practices were unconstitutional, Muslim religious practice is still not accepted culturally in Hungary and triggers fear in most Hungarians. At least so it seems from the reports portraying the criminal as someone only practising his Muslim religion.

Formerly we have written about Hungary’s Muslim communities condemning any act of terrorism, claiming that attacks are not related to any single religion, nationality or ancestry.

Featured image: MTI, Kovács Tamás.


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