The Hungarian army plans to operate 8-10 new military high schools and dormitories by 2030, the daily Népszava said on Tuesday, citing the defence ministry.

The plan does not imply, however, that

the government is considering restoring compulsory military service, the ministry told the paper.

An important consideration during site selection is that a school is supported by a military organisation and that the scheme should eventually extend throughout the country.

Currently 68 secondary schools conduct defence education as part of the army’s cadet programme, and other schools have indicated their intention to join the scheme.

In the current academic year, more than 2,000 students took part in higher-level army education, the paper said.

Source: MTI

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  1. The first thing Hungary needs to do is to get an army. The current military of approximately 30,000 (actual 27,000) is completely inadequate to defend the country. It is even too small to hold off an aggressor for the 48-72 hours needed for NATO help. Furthermore, the military is top heavy with a large number of old out of shape men and the percentage (19%) of females is one of the highest of any military in the world. Add to that the fact that at any time about 1,000 Hungarian troops are out of the Country on various NATO and UN missions. The Air Force of 12 modern combat planes is way too small and will not last more than a couple hours in a war. Even with recent steps to upgrade weapons, 44 modern tanks are completely inadequate when potential aggressors have many hundreds. Hungary has refused to spend money on its military for 30 years assuming that other countries will come to its aid. Depending on others for your defense is a very bad and stupid idea. The time will come when they will regret this.

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