According to, the prosecutor’s office accused a couple from Kisvárda of kidnapping, because they captured two washing machine repairmen. The couple thought that the service price was too high, so they led the repairmen captive.

The washing machine of the couple broke down before last Christmas, so they called the repairmen who fixed it for 15,000 forints (~EUR 49). The washing machine broke down again in the January of 2017, so the wife called someone else, who told them that the repairmen’s work wasn’t worth 15,000 forints.

Then, the couple called the two repairmen again, who went to their apartment on the 1st of February. The woman let them in and closed the door from the inside. One of the repairmen started fixing the machine, while the other waited in the corridor. Meanwhile, the husband and one of his friends arrived home and started reclaiming the money.

The repairmen didn’t want to give back any money and started to look for excuses, so the husband punched one of the repairmen in the face several times and threatened to kill them. Finally, they let out one of them to get some money from a close-by ATM, but he called the police, instead, who freed his colleague.

The prosecutor proposed that the couple should be imprisoned and banned from public affairs. A custodial sentence of 2-12 years could be adjudged for a crime like this.

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