Michael Flatley’s super production, the Dangerous Games comes to Hungary, as nlcafe.hu reports. The team will perform in Budapest, Debrecen, and Veszprém. The group includes three Hungarian dancers as well.

Dangerous Games debuted in 2014 in the Palladium Theatre in London. Since then, millions of people saw the show. Michael Flatley rechoreographed his production a few years ago. The current show’s success consists in the brand-new visuals, 3D, and lighting techniques according to origo.hu. The performance introduces Irish folklore, a traditional story of Good and Bad.

Michael Flatley dancer

Even though Michael Flatley does not perform anymore, the audience will have the chance to see him. He will ask the viewers on a projector to repeat his moves. He will show how his career began and how he became so famous. During the finalé, even his virtual alter ego will appear on the stage thanks to 3D technology.

Michael Flatley has broken many world records. He is the highest paid dancer in the world and his legs are ensured with the biggest amount of money (40 billion dollars). Furthermore, he has the “fastest leg” around the globe: he can touch his feet 35 times to the floor in a second while step-dancing.

The new cast involves Andrea Krén, András Krén, and Zoltán Papp. They are part of the Lord of the Dance for years, as MTI states. Andrea’s role is Morrighan the Seductress, András acts as the Lord of the Dance, and Zoltán is the Dark Lord. The team will perform first in Budapest, then in Debrecen, and finally in Veszprém from the 3rd until the 5th of April.

Lord of the Dance Zoltán Papp dancer

Zoltán Papp told pesthir.hu that he feels honoured to be part of the dance group. He also shared some backstage information. According to that, the dancers often go sightseeing, eat out, or watch a movie together when they have their days off. He believes that the atmosphere among the team members is very friendly, joyful and cosy. Zoltán also mentioned that he is abroad 8-9 months a year and he spends the rest of his time in Hungary.

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Source: nlcafe.hu, origo.hu, pesthir.hu