A comprehensive analysis was made of the Hungarian design industry: it turned out how important the design industry is in terms of the economy, and Budapest is at the forefront and it is the most-developing area after car industry, privatbankar.hu said.

The inventors surveyed not just the risks, but the opportunities in the industry: according to the specialists, the advantage of the design investments that they have high yield and export capacity, significant margin content under a suitable market introduction – the joint professional analysis of MITTE Communications strategic communications firm and CEIS investment advisory firm revealed.

Due to lower investment amount, they’re ideal in the point of view of risk management, and the tangible design brands which can be well-communicated, highlight the environmental, social, cultural aspects of the investments and the new industrial opportunities.

According to the study, creative and cultural industry – with its EUR 535.9 billion and 4.2% GDP-ratio –  is one of the most significant market areas of the continent. It is the third biggest employer after construction and hospitality industries. According to Design Terminal, Budapest and the Central-Hungary region are the 8th largest design industrial center of the EU. In the GDP of Hungary, the rate of design industry is 3.7% and 4.4% of the Hungarian employees work in this industry.

The study finds the possibility of venture capital has been part of the financial inventory of the domestic design industry since 2010. The international and domestic experience shows that thanks to new financial opportunities and public business institution system, the perception of design investments has been changing dynamically in recent years. In various countries of Europe and in the USA, the number of exclusive incubator, mentoring and scholarship programs is increasing, which help the starting companies and designers. Crowdfund programs (Kickstarter, Indiegogo) help finding the customers and the presale. There are also investors who are specialized for design and fashion investments.

The starting point of domestic design industry investments can be related to the cooperation of Nanushka brand and PortfoLion in 2012, but there have been several new investA, HAMERLI, Platan Furniture). Based on the trends, the successful investment construction has two basic factors: the proper organizational conditions and the business planning/development.

based on the article of privatbankar.hu
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Source: http://privatbankar.hu/

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