writes that 56 female parachutists, including the Hungarian Hanga Kéri, jumped out of several planes to set a new world record. They formed a butterfly and some of its varieties in the air. The spectacular performance turned out so great that it even set a new world record.

The girls rehearsed the formations on the ground for long days to finally perform them in the air between 4000 and 5200 metres. The organisers invited parachutists based on their former achievements and Hanga was the lucky one who got the chance to represent Hungary in the Netherlands.


The original idea was the setting of a European record, but the jumps and formations turned out so great that a new world record was born. “What’s important is not the size of the formation but to have as many holds as possible. We do this by slewing round onto each other while falling after the jump” said Hanga.

[box type=”info”] Hanga Kéri is 25 years old and works as a physiotherapist. The first time she tried parachuting was 5 years ago, with her father. They did a tandem jump, which means that two people jump out of the plane together with a special heavy-duty parachute, and it’s enough for one person to have the qualification. Hanga was dazzled by the deepness and was able to jump alone two years later. Since then, she’s been to America and Portugal, where her talent was discovered, so she got invited to the Netherlands, which brings us to the world record.[/box]

For another thing, this type of joint formation is quite dangerous as parachutists jump out of several planes with the aim of falling unitedly. “We have about one minute from making the jump until the release of the formation to do everything. We have to watch out for potential crashes in the case of an accidental release.”

The Hungarian world recorder is not planning on stopping here, because she believes that there are no limits in parachuting and there’s always something new to learn.


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