According to, more than seventy movies and artworks were entered at the Women Media Arts and Film Festival, held in the frameworks of the Sydney Fringe Festival. We’re thrilled to report that a partly Hungarian movie won the award for Best Feature Film 🙂

The director and producer of Rupa’s Boutique, made by a Hungarian-Indian coproduction, was Glória Halász, who is also the creator of documentaries like Iron Curtain, Dr Lala and What a circus!. The cameraman and co-producer was Balázs Hatvani, further producers were Gábor Osváth and Praaful Chaudhary, the production companies were Filmfabriq, Cinelabyrinth and the Indian Pinak Films, while the soundtrack was written by the Layanda formation.


The main character is Rupa, who lives in the Indian city of Agra. She wanted to be a fashion designer since her childhood. The audience can learn about her and her friends’ story, who all fell victims to an acid attack, but recovered from the tragedy and found their way back into life by following their dreams. Some of the characters want to be Bollywood dancers, some want to be singers, while others dream of operating a café.

The girls prepare for a big fashion show, where they present the dresses designed by Rupa. According to the activists of Stop Acid Attacks, who also helped the victims featured in the movie, there are 3-5 acid attacks in India every week. Many of the survivors don’t even report the cases, because they are scared of stigmatisation. The campaign helps them to find their way back into society.


The movie was previously acknowledged at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival and was also chosen to participate at the United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF). The latter festival is one of the oldest documentary assemblies in the USA. Out of the 600 entries, a professional jury chose the participants. Several Academy Award winner movies attended UNAFF in past years.

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