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The personal and material conditions for the management of the current migration situation are adequate, the Interior Minister stated on Wednesday in Szeged.

Sándor Pintér said at his press conference held after his visit to the Serbian-Hungarian border that he sincerely hopes that should the pressure of migration increase, with the application of the latest technology, those serving at the border will be able to perform their duties to the same standards.

The Minister said that the state of the fence installed at the border earlier is satisfactory. In combination with the border fence, they also installed conventional night vision and thermal imaging cameras which are suitable for giving an indication as to what may be expected from the direction of Serbia. The elements of the system function individually, but further efforts are yet to be made in order to coordinate the operation of the various components, he added.

Mr Pintér also mentioned that, during the course of the inspection, they viewed a new type of fence system, regarding the installation of which the Government will have to decide. The Cabinet will receive information on the technical specifications and anticipated costs of this system as well as on the amount of time that is necessary for its installation.

He stressed: those working at the border are provided for to the highest standards, and their clothing is impeccable. In answer to a question, the Minister said that a disease affected 126 persons at the border. One of the reasons for the outbreak of the disease was that the regulations relating to the preparation and storage of foodstuffs were not adequately observed. In the case of several of the patients, the fact that they suffered from flu-like infections affected the progress of their recovery. He added: the individuals concerned were able to resume service swiftly, within two to three days.

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In answer to another question, Mr Pintér said: the Government has decided that the asylum-seekers whose applications have been refused may only stay in Hungary under controlled circumstances. The statutory background necessary for this is currently being drafted, he said.

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