The American ‘Picture of the Year’ is one of the most important competitions in photography. This year a Hungarian photographer, Ákos Stiller was among the winners of this prestigious press photo contest, reports

Stiller won 1st prize in the picture report category with his project ‘Steppe’, a photo series depicting the hard life on the Hungarian farms. Through ‘Steppe’, the photographer shows us the few thousands who live without electricity in their homes, with no lighting or refrigerator, working on their own, self-supported farms.

In the Hungary of the 1940s, there were still millions of people living on farms, where the agriculture was flourishing, but under the communist era, the farmers were sucked up by the manufacturing industry or collective farms. By the 1990s, there were only a few hundred thousands working on their own farmlands, living in poverty, but independently.

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translated by Laura Kocsis



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