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Even though some people claim climate change does not exist, there are already signs indicating the future disaster on our planet. One of them will be the vanishing species of plants, like the potato, which is a basic element of Hungarian cuisine.

By the middle of this century, Hungary will not be able to raise potatoes, and we have only a decade remaining to save the climate of the Earth, says Sokszínű Vidék, referring to Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, professor of CEU, who talked about the issue in the program of InfoRadio.

The climatologist claims that countries took a historical step by settling the rules of the Paris Agreement at the climate conference of the United Nations.

“Now we do not simply have our destination, but we know how to take the road there,”

– she said. Diana drew attention to the fact that there are three times more people infected with Lyme Disease than one or two decades ago, and that Hungary will not be able to raise potatoes by the 2050s.

“And this is only the basis of our economy, not the issue of polar bears,”

– she tried to indicate the severity of the problem. She thinks politicians have been showing higher responsibility recently, which might be because of the risk of losing 10-20% income due to the extreme weather conditions. Opposition LMP thinks the Hungarian government does not take this issue seriously, although there are clear signs of the trouble in our country as well – just think about the record low level of the River Danube in the autumn.

Source: sokszinuvidek.24.hu

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