1956 commemoration in the USA
Naples, 2018. október 28. Áder János köztársasági elnök fejet hajt az 1956-os forradalom emlékmûvél a Collier megyei önkormányzat épülete elõtt a floridai Naples városában 2018. október 28-án. Az államfõ és felesége megkoszorúzta az emlékmûvet. MTI/Bruzák Noémi

President János Áder attended a commemoration of Hungary’s failed anti-Soviet revolt in 1956, organised by expatriate Hungarians in Sarasota late on Sunday.

In his address at the ceremony, Áder referred to the uprising as “the fight of a small nation of 9 million against the largest military power in the world”.

He said that the Hungarian people had “never been this heroic, this hallowed as in those days”.

After the revolution was stifled in blood, “undisguised dictatorship returned to stay for decades”, Áder said, adding that “many died in the fights, tens of thousands were then imprisoned, hundreds hanged, while nearly 200,000 people fled the country.

On Monday, the last day of his Florida visit, the president opened the 50th annual conference of the American-Hungarian doctors’ federation.

In his opening address, Áder spoke highly of the federation and said it had “grown from a group of friends into a respectable and influential professional organisation”.

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Source: MTI

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