Chameleon Smart Home System

A Hungarian startup developed a unique smart home system for houses and buildings called Chameleon Smart Home, which is based on artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, it is self-learning, and can recognise and adapt to individual needs.

Chameleon Smart Home is the first AI-based smart home system in the world.

The Hungarian startup’s development is the first of its kind in the whole world, as their AI-based heating system is able to learn and adapt to the particular building. The system collects data, and it is able to analyse that data and basically learn the energy needs of a certain building, and it is able to calculate the ideal time for turning on and off the heating. It teaches itself, there is no need for management.

Chameleon Smart Home system has a bunch of basic functions, including: motion sensor, shutter control, remote access, night mode, heating & cooling, lighting control, voice control and music and irrigation.

According to the owner of Chameleon Smart Home Péter Szarvas, there is a growing need for new technological solutions and professionals on the international market, Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports.

A new profession is on the rise, for example, the so-called smart home technician. These professionals need to get to know the new systems and technologies. For this reason, they are starting internship programs and they are teaching electricians and other professionals as well.

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The technology is available through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud-based service.

Here is a short video where the system is briefly introduced in Hungarian.

Featured image: Okosotthon


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