Hungarian woman brutally murdered her newborn baby

The legally binding verdict of 13 years in jail can finally be passed in the case of a woman who, back in January 2018, killed her newborn child in Pásztó.

Many horrible things have happened in Hungary recently. This woman, for example, after killing her newborn baby, now claims her punishment is too harsh.

The Budapest Appellate Prosecution proposed the Budapest Court of Appeal to uphold the decision of the Court of Balassagyarmat, taken in last December – reports 

The woman already had two children with her partner and

she was aware of her third pregnancy but hid it from everyone.

The couple had a fight on 30 December 2017, after which the man sent her away from home. She even spent Ney Year’s Eve without him, with her friends. The next day she was on her way home when close to the bridge of Kövicses stream of Pásztó, she went into labour.

Under the bridge, she gave birth to a healthy boy, but she still wanted to keep it a secret.

She hit the baby’s head at least four times, squeezed her neck then cut off his head and his hands with a penknife.

Then she went on throwing the pieces into the stream. The newborn was supposedly not alive while she mutilated him.

Upon continuous interrogation, the 34-year-old woman admitted to the killing. The court sentenced her to 13 years in jail and banned her from public affairs for ten years for the homicide of a minor under 14 years of age. The appellate prosecution asked to uphold the punishment.

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