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The public prosecutor asked for a prison sentence in the case of a 27-year-old Hungarian woman who ran brothels in Hungary and the United Kingdom between 2017 and 2018. To make matters worse, she even made underage people work in them.

According to Telex, the woman rented flats and made sure that her victims “provide services” for the clients. She promoted the brothels on the internet and scheduled the appointments on the phone during which she set the prices. By taking advantage of 4-8 victims at the same time,

she acquired HUF 6.8 million (EUR 15,000).

In Hungary, she made an underage person work for her, recruited by her 22-year-old brother. Afterwards, they forbade the girl to talk to anybody about what happened. However, when she wanted to escape, the man prevented that with physical aggression.

The police caught the woman in June 2018. The suspects were in detention during the investigation period, and the woman is still under criminal supervision. The Budapest public prosecutor asked for a prison sentence for the woman for children prostitution, human trafficking, and multiple accounts of facilitating prostitution.

As we reported before, a Hungarian woman managed to escape from a UK brothel she found herself in, with the help of her mother.

The Hungarian woman was offered a cleaning job in Chilwell 

by a woman for whom police were then searching.

However, she soon realised that she was brought to a rented flat in the Selside Court under false pretences. She saw some men come and go, that is how she realised she was expected to do something other than cleaning. When it was suggested that she should dip her toes into prostitution, she refused. As a result, all her documents and one of her phones were taken away from her. Besides, she was threatened by one of the people behind the human trafficking scheme and told she was going to stay no matter what.

Luckily, though, she had another phone with her, so she was able to contact her mother in Hungary and ask for help. However, she had to warn her mother to do things quietly, as

“if they found out about it they would hide her so the police would not find her.” 

The mother immediately turned to the police and helped them to free her daughter by providing them with additional information. The Chilwell brothel is only one of many alleged illegal brothels operating in the UK as hotbeds of human trafficking. The women found in the brothel, both young and slightly older, were mostly from Hungary who arrived in Britain by plane or by ferry. Once they were in the country, they moved around from brothel to brothel. However, a curious detail of this case is that this time, the people luring the Hungarian woman to the brothel were also Hungarian.

Source: telex.hu

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  1. Not that long ago another trafficking and prostitution gang were busted in the UK. There were 4 men and one woman involved, all Hungarians, all now serving lengthy prison sentences.

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