Fifty-seven women have taken part in a synchronised skydive in Ukraine, setting a new world record, writes BBC. RTL conducted a report with the Hungarian members of the 57-member international group of women, reports.

New world record

A new world record was set by a group of synchronised skydivers in Ukraine. You can check out their Facebook page here; they share amazing posts about their adventures.

The stunt is the new skydiving world record, as this is the highest number of people, all women, to get into and then change formation three times during a dive.

They beat the previous record by one.

It all happened in just 90 seconds,

that is how much time they had between jumping out of the planes and having to open their parachute.

Cameras were recording everything from the beginning, and after the ladies landed, the judges looked at the footage and officially claimed that a new world record had been set.

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57 badass women

The 57 women were the best sky divers from 19 different countries, including Hungary.

The 57 women jumped out of three planes, 5500 m high. This is such a high point that they needed oxygen, which they received through tubes on the plane, and they only left those right before jumping. The girls needed to start the formation immediately after jumping, but, luckily, everybody knew their place. This was a well thought out and well-practised formation.

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Among the five Hungarian women, there is an anesthesiologist, a physiotherapist and even a liquidator. One of the Hungarians, Eszter Noll told RTL:

“Almost 60 women in one formation, changing it three times, it has never been done before.”

Adrienn Gergely also talked to RTL about how she could already feel it in the air that they pulled it off, and she felt that the record was theirs:

 “It is an unforgettable feeling when you are part of that formation and you can just feel that we did it.”

RTL’s report in Hungarian:


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