Green Road Village Development - Nagypáli
Green Road Village Development – Nagypáli, photo: MTI

There is a village in Zala county like no other in Hungary, Sokszínűvidé tells us. Nagypáli is a very open village, always attempting to find the best directions, aiming at an economically beneficial, sustainable lifestyle.

Nowadays most people call Nagypáli the wonder village or the revitalised ecovillage.

The village has been prospering for the last two decades continually and opted for renewable energy much earlier than any other part of Hungary.

This spring, they won the E.ON Energy Globe Hungary Award for the Nagypáli Green Road Village Development Project.

Green Road Village Development - Nagypáli
Green Road Village Development – Nagypáli, photo: MTI

Worldwide fame

Their good reputation spread beyond our borders and they have an ever-growing number of international cooperation.

As part of these international relations, following a four-year-long tradition, Major Tibor Köcse has invited a prominent delegation of experts from Morocco last week. They have studied the renewable energy developments of the village, as well as the complex solutions of Zalavíz Zrt. to use the sewage-mud, for example, biogas and biomethane production, or the agricultural resupplying of production capacity.

Furthermore, the African experts had a chance to observe different technologies in the field of agriculture and gardening. For example, they learned about the apple production, as they are growing apples in the Atlas Mountains, and can only harvest about half of the Hungarian amount.


Tibor Köcse, the major explained, that Nagypáli is an open village.

“We wish to learn sensible things from the world and therefore we must get to know each other”

he said. “Last year, we were in Morocco, participating in the testing of emerald-tree which can contribute to the lessening of the climate change”

The guests from Morocco deemed their visit very useful, and believe that despite the geographical differences they could learn some technological solutions that they can make good use of at home. Naturally, they wish to maintain the good relations with Nagypáli, believing there is more potential for cooperation regarding renewable energy or the circular economic model for example.

Featured image: MTI 


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