HVG.hu reports that young Hungarian artists got the opportunity to work for the legendary English band. It was the second time for Péter Vácz and his team to direct a music video for James.

The Hungarian Péter Vácz graduated from MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) and gained attention for his earlier animation film, Rabbit and Deer, which won 120 awards at international festivals. He already made a video for James in 2014, accompanying the song All I’m Saying. This time he was chosen again to work with the Manchester band, formed in 1982.

Even though James went on a hiatus (2001-2007), they have been influencing music and musicians – such as Coldplay – quite significantly. And now they worked with Vácz again and his co-artists, Milán Kopasz, Attila Bertóti and Joseph Wallace, who created an animation video for the song Dear John which can be found on James’ Girl At The End Of The World album, out this year.

Pleasantly, at the end of the video you may see a rather impressive list of Hungarian names contributing to the making of the artwork. Make sure to check the artworks to see some interesting and visually exciting stories, created by Hungarians.

Also, should you be interested in the creative process, below you can find the Making of Dear John video, starring Péter Vácz himself, the creative team, Sam Hope, producer and even Tim Booth, frontman of James. Besides, Booth even tells the audience how they asked the Hungarian artists for another cooperation.

Photo: James – Dear John, Péter Vácz, youtube.com

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Source: hvg.hu, youtube.com, vimeo.com

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