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According to, in Cleveland and Chicago, there are masses, festivals and great events where Hungarians living abroad can celebrate the 20th of August, that is, St. Stephen’s Day.

“It has been sixty years since we last had such a big gathering – more than two thousand people attended to celebrate together”

stated Father András Mezei to MTI on the phone. He is the pastor of the St. Emeric (Szent Imre) Church in Cleveland.

Gastronomy and spirituality

The spiritual pastor of Hungarians living in and around Cleveland emphasised that the holiday celebrating the foundation of the Hungarian state is not only about gastronomy but also about spirituality. “On Saturday and Sunday we hold masses in the St. Emeric and St. Elizabeth Churches, furthermore, we are going to bless the new bread” Father András Mezei explained.

The tower of the St. Emeric church in Cleveland was decorated with a 10-metre-long Hungarian flag. The local scouts performed a show, as well as Attila László, a singer from Transylvania.

According to the pastor, many have been deeply moved by listening to the Hungarian and Szekler anthems.

The Cleveland celebration was supported by the Hungarian state and the Bethlen Foundation, just like in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago and D.C.

In Chicago the celebrations start on Sunday, in the morning.

Zita Bencsik, consul general of Chicago, shared with MTI that the mass in the St. Stephen King of Hungary Church starts with the scouts and pupils marching in. After the celebratory mass on Sunday they hold a festive lunch and have programmes for those interested.

As far as the Hungarians living near Washington are concerned, they plan to celebrate with a pilgrimage on Monday, 20th of August.

They walk from Arlington, Virginia to the Hungarian chapel in the Basilica of Washington, where they commemorate the foundation of Hungary with a mass.

If you are celebrating in Hungary, check out our program and traffic guide for the 20th of August.


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